My Wedding Dress {A Fifth Letter To MY Daughter}

Dear Baby Girl,

I’m pretty sure I could just write, “It’s 2020” and that would be all I need in this letter, but you deserve more. This year wasn’t the year I expected (or anyone expected for that matter), it brought so many uncertainties, but it also brought so many joys. One of the biggest uncertainties was covid-19 and all the pain that came with it: death, the economy tanking, people jobless, mask mandates, quarantines, and worry. But it also brought more time at home with you, more snuggles on the couch, more time to play board games and not run here or run there. It brought thankfulness for the small things that we take for granted, like food on the table and toilet paper in the bathroom. It drew me closer to God (although at times, it made me question my faith), and it drew me closer to my family. As I write this and think about how amazing and strong you were (are) through this entire year, I’m beyond grateful for a daughter that can keep smiling when the world around her is uprooted. I know you didn’t (and still don’t) understand everything that is going on, but you came through online school like a champ and when I hear you pray for the sick, my heart melts. Your bright eyes and infectious laugh keep this momma going on tough days.

Not only was there (and still is) a pandemic, but there was also a presidential debate….which according to some is still not over, so I’m not even going to go into the depths of conspiracies, fraud, and interference stories that are floating around on the internet. All I will say is that no matter who is President, we know that we have a responsibility to be kind, respectful, and to love others… AND most importantly, we know that God is still God and we put our faith and trust in Him and not in our government. Through all of this…you are still one of the most amazing little human beings out there. I want to keep you in your child world for as long as possible and I hope and pray that I don’t unintentionally drag you into my adult worries. When I lay down with you at night and pray, it brings a calmness to my spirit. I stare at you in awe and thank God that He gave me such a sweet person to be responsible for. We will continue into 2021 with our heads high and our hearts full and I personally am excited to watch you grow into the beautiful woman that Christ created you to be. Continue to smile your big smile, continue to be the light to those around you, and continue to just be you…I love you forever,


(Just look at how much you have changed in five years!! This year we dug out the tiara I wore on my wedding day too!)


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